I'm Matan

About me

Hello! I'm Matan Cohen, a self-driven web developer from Israel. My expertise ranges from HTML and CSS to JavaScript and React, built over a year of dedicated self-learning and hands-on project experience. I thrive on challenging tasks, seeking solutions that push the boundaries of my abilities.

A perpetual student of technology, I continuously explore new advancements to refine my craft. My passion lies in creating innovative, user-centric websites that drive meaningful digital experiences. As a developer, I'm excited about the future and committed to contributing to it one line of code at a time.

My Skills

These are some of the technologies I work with. One of the things I love the most about being a developer is diving into new technologies!

Currently composing beautiful interfaces using the T3 Stack.









VS Code



My Projects

These are some of my favorite projects. I'm always looking for fun challenges to learn from. Any feedback is also appreciated!

Matan Sneakers

Developed with React JS, An ecommerce website that sells sneakers, showcasing my skills in online business development and ecommerce technologies.

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Fantasy Hub

Developed with React JS, With this app you can keep up with the latest stats from the Israeli Premier League official fantasy competition.

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GitHub Users

Built with React JS, This app will allow you to search for a GitHub users and display useful info about them.

This project was possible thanks to Codingaddict

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Get inspired by over a million recipes! Avoid food waste by selecting your portions and getting the number of ingredients you need for each recipe. Bookmark your favorite recipes and much more.

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